Greetings from Vukovar – The Pearl of Croatia

          We are media team from the camp:   Train to maintain – teach to reach – 21st century competences.
This blog should inform you about what we are doing during our 15 days stay in the east of Croatia, next to Serbia.

Sun. 17th July 2016
The third day of our camp was filled with many different activities.
We started with the Camp treaty, a creation of our own rules, our own contract, how we want to be treated and treat each other during the next 15 days.
After that we had the first discussion about the main topic of our camp: 21st century competences which are the foundation and reason why 40 young people from Serbia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, and Romania gathered in Vukovar.
A beautiful walk to the Danube, the largest river of Europe, refreshed the group after the lunch break.
The afternoon included the first meeting of the media groups. The whole group was split into smaller groups to do different work with media (for example: blog, video, social media).
Since there was going to be an international evening, the different nations needed to prepare their presentation.
The international evening, with local dance, food and drinks from the different countries were the highlights of the evening.


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