Forest adventure in Adica

          It came unexpectedly.  Everyone realized that we were going on adventure in the forest called Adica, a true paradise for mosquitos and of course us. The second surprise was the ride with the cho-cho train. Everyone had the ride of their lives on the very unusual type of Croatian transport . It was a delightful experience to see astonished faces of random Vukovar residents as we were waving at them. When we arrived at our destination our fairytale got more exciting. The ride, landscape and playground awoke the inner-child in us.

13819683_572431839594961_173121145_nFrom the arriving point we continued to a major attraction of Adica where we took some pictures and selfies.

After sightseeing we arrived at our final destination, the park of Adica where we had our workshops, lunch and free time.

During activities lots of participants had fun:

“Before lunch we played some games. The first one was matches. It was a very competitive game. We were divided in two groups, lined up and each participant was given a number. When their number was called, they had to run and get the matches. It was funny because the grass was wet and a lot of people fell on the ground, including me. The second game, called ,,Human knot”, was really funny and smart. It was hard because we were hooked up and everybody had different opinions. We have evidence in the form of pictures that it was very interesting. Some of us played football, handball, volleyball and we jumped on the slick line. Then we had a really, really good lunch and everybody was tired, so we decided to lay low and of course play the camp’s favorite game, UNO.” Jovan, 21, Serbia


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