Vukovar chronicles

On Monday, 25 July, 48 prisoners of Vukovar finally had freedom. They were escorted to the city centre where they had pretty interesting things to do. During their long prison days they had an opportunity to make a lot of masterpieces

So in the city center they started presenting them. Actually there were people who liked the art and our good-looking prisoners “Wow” and “Look at this” were heard from here and there.

Our poor prisoners needed some food and clothes so they decided to sing for money. They sang a song which they created and generous citizens of vukovar decided to help out.

Finally the smiles appeared on the prisoners faces. And what they needed in that moment was a slice of pizza. That was the day when dreams came true.

So they got some time to explore the city, take some selfies and finally refresh their social accounts.

It was a nice day, but everything good must come to an end. The huge “Black Bus” took them back to the prison. It was the first night when they were sleeping with smiles on their faces.


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