Vukovar chronicles

On Monday, 25 July, 48 prisoners of Vukovar finally had freedom. They were escorted to the city centre where they had pretty interesting things to do. During their long prison days they had an opportunity to make a lot of masterpieces So in the city center they started presenting them. Actually there were people who … More Vukovar chronicles


Good morning lovely people! How did you spend your Staruday? We really had a free time to enjoy a beautiful island in Vukovar – “Ada”. It was a hot sunny day but we were lucky to have cold Danube, so it was perfect balance. When we arrived it seemed like a dream. We felt as … More Danube

Prison Run

          Having absolved several different workshops, we were to face the first unexpected watershed event. Actually, we were told to get dressed up for a photo shooting. That’s what we believed until the alarm went off. The prisoners started running. There were many of them. They stopped us at the fountain … More Prison Run

The arm

          The evenings are never boring .One evening after a creative workshop people were eager to put their newly learned skills to work and as there was no more paper left Lisa’s arm had to tolerate the creative minds. It however turned out quite well. A true masterpiece of artists from … More The arm